Friday, April 23, 2010

Modest Prom Night

Allie and Kimberly McBride were headed out to modest prom for our Stake. They put it on every year so the kids can actully go to a clean atmosphere and still feel the spirit and have a great time too.
(Madison hurried and put on one of Covinas old ballet outfits and some jewelry and wanted to go with the girls. It was so cute. They both looked beautiful.


Covina Ballerina said...

Allie looks so beautiful! Whoa Madison that dress is a little risky, hanging all low in the front!;)Glad to see someone get a some use out of my old ballet costumes...I hope she is the other dancer in the family :)

Travis & Joann said...

Allie you look great! We just got some family photos too. Thanks, they are now in a place of honor on our fridge. Great looking family. When did you go to the Blazer game, during the playoffs?!

The Marchant Dream Team

The Marchant Dream Team
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