Friday, April 23, 2010

Modest Prom Night

Allie and Kimberly McBride were headed out to modest prom for our Stake. They put it on every year so the kids can actully go to a clean atmosphere and still feel the spirit and have a great time too.
(Madison hurried and put on one of Covinas old ballet outfits and some jewelry and wanted to go with the girls. It was so cute. They both looked beautiful.

Pinewood derby for our Conner

This was Conners first Pine Wood Derby competition. He was pretty excited. He and His Dad put this car together. Conner named in Fuzzy Thunder (so very cute) His car took first place. He has broken the Marchant curse of not to fast cars. He also received his wolf badge and some silver arrows. We had alot of fun.
Conners car is the gold one with sawdust on top. I wonder whos idea that was????

The worlds greatest dad and supporter of these little cubbers. He is the dad that makes it happen. Way to go Dad.

Our Blazer Extravaganza

Our Trip to the Blazer Game

The kids got to go down on the floor of the Blazers and give them a high 5 as they all ran through after half time. It was fun for them to see how tall they really are and how tall we really are not.
Ok so I had just had surgery a week ago. A hysterectomy! ( a body gone bad) and a bladder tie up ( a body gone badder) Anyways the only way I could make to the coliseum was to go by taxi. That was man powered by my family. I sure was not going to miss this fun time with the family. The story behing the feet--- Allie had bought new shoes and left them in the car to put on, on the way to the game. Well dad cleaned out the car before we went to the game after we had gone and done baptisms for the dead with the kids. ( Not Good) So we get to the game and Allie can not find her shoes and she was not happy:( Dad was not happy either cause he had made a mistake- very rare for the man. I said remember come what may and love it:) they did not think I was so funny. Anyways I gave Allie my shoes and just wore socks because I was getting a ride. At the end of the game my feet were freezing cause I spilled Conners drink all over one of them. It was quite the adventure.

Our Spring Break Vacation to Portland

This was the beginning of our spring break trip. We started at a hotel in Portland just to play and relax and to watch march madness.

The kids all having a great time with their daddy who often thinks he is still one of the kids.

Allie was great teaching little miss Maddie to swim, she loved every minute of it.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Gethsemane Christs gift to us

This video was very touching to me. We shared it as our song for Family Home Evening. I felt all of you could benefit from it as much as we did. It really always puts life into perspective for me once again. It seems I need to many constant reminders of what really matters on the eternal scheme of things.

The Marchant Dream Team

The Marchant Dream Team
This is what life is all about